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Peter Kenneth Smith, MBBS BMedSci FRACP PhD

Professor in Allergy

Peter Kenneth Smith, MBBS BMedSci FRACP PhD


Pete Smith is an Allergy Specialist based in Southport Qld. He did his RACP training Adelaide and a PhD in Molecular Immunology before working in London at the ICH and Great Ormond St in Food Allergy. He is a Professor in Clinical Medicine at Griffith University in Southport Qld, and is doing research in hypersensitivity, allergic rhinitis and food allergy. He is the Medical Director of Allergy Medical in Brisbane. He is a member of ASCIA, EAACI, AAAAI and WAO and has worked on expert committees with each of these organisations. He has been involved with the allergy working party of REG since 2013.

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