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Celine Goh, MBBS BSc

Medical Scientist and Research Fellow

Celine Goh, MBBS BSc

United Kingdom

Celine joined OPCG in 2021, bringing with her a passion for clinical research and quality improvement. She graduated from University College London with a medical degree and an intercalated bachelor’s degree in medical sciences with surgical sciences. As a medical student, she received the Ken Hobbs Prize in recognition of her academic performance and clinical research. Her work as a medical doctor in the UK’s National Health Service further cultivated her enthusiasm for improving the care of broad patient populations via real-world research and quality improvement programmes. Celine also has experience in developing clinical trial publications as a medical writer. As a Medical Scientist at OPCG, Celine works mainly with the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR) team. She provides clinical input on research projects and publications, and collaborates with the team in improving the quality of ISAR’s data.

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