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Marije van Melle, MD PhD Msc

Honorary Medical Scientist and Research Fellow

Marije van Melle, MD PhD Msc

United Kingdom

Marije van Melle is a medical scientist with a clinical and epidemiological background. She has a PhD in patient safety during patient transitions between GP and hospital, during which she developed measurement tools and a linked dataset between GP and Hospital medical records in the Netherlands. She has 10 years of experience as a scientist, both in the Netherlands and the UK (including at the University of Cambridge).

She has experience with routinely collected data, data science and analysis, quality improvement, governance, and health services and applied research. Her broad experience provides her with clinical understanding of data and the ability to translate real-world data into research and actual healthcare improvement.

For OPRI, Marije has been involved in several research projects, focussing on data science and translation, PROMs, QI and QI reports, and governance. She was involved in applying for linkage for OPCRD and the translation process of OPCRD into the OMOP Common Data Model. Additionally, she is part of the DSP team.

After working as an employee, she currently is an independent consultant with OPRI. She leads the CLIPS (Code LIst Process Streamlining) team, improving valid measurement in the EMR for QI and Research purposes, and provides research and clinical guidance where needed.

Additionally, Marije works as a senior medical data scientist for ORTEC Health (the Netherlands), bridging the triangle of medicine, math and ICT and developing new solutions for personalised medicine.

Striving to improve the lives of patients through global research.

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