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Veronica Mendez

ISAR Project Manager

Veronica, serving as ISAR's Project Manager, brings a wealth of expertise rooted in biotechnology and healthcare data protection. Her career trajectory has been centred around clinical research, delivering clinical trials in NHS settings for both observational and interventional studies, as well as health-tech research projects.

In her pivotal role within ISAR, Veronica orchestrates the project's operations. Her role involves fostering registry engagement, managing recruitment and coordination efforts across participating countries, and facilitating seamless communication with stakeholders and collaborators. As ISAR represents a multifaceted project, the project manager role serves as a hub for the ISAR team and its numerous initiatives, overseeing all project components and ensuring effective coordination towards ISAR’s goals.

Driven by a profound commitment to have a positive impact in people’s lives, Veronica is dedicated to translating real-life data into improved patient outcomes.
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