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Fabio Botini, BSc

Junior Lecturer Systems Analytics

Fabio Botini, BSc


Fabio Botini is a Systems Analyst specialist with a decade of successful experience in Technology and Marketing. Fabio specialized in System Analysis and Design at Uniabeu University in Brazil in 2012 and regularly attends training sessions to showcase new tech trends, such as Health Informatics Specialization and patient analytics tools. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Fabio regularly develops internal campaigns to assist employees and clients with effective connection techniques. His most recent achievement was an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (2021).  Fabio speaks Portuguese (Native), Spanish and English. Working at OPC Australia since January 2020, Fabio started his journey as a volunteer and was promoted to Junior Systems Analyst at the end of his volunteering period. He continues to contribute to OPRI research programs across a variety of roles. 

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