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Richard Hubbard, DM

Richard Hubbard, DM

United Kingdom

Richard Hubbard is a consultant chest physician and epidemiologist based at the University of Nottingham. He divides his time between the campus in Nottingham and the Campus in Ningbo where he is the Li Dak Sum Professor of Evidence Based Health Care.

Richard has a long-term interest in using routinely collected clinical data to answer a wide range of aetiological and health service related questions. This includes working with primary and secondary care data and also bespoke cohorts such as the National Lung Cancer Audit for which Richard was the academic lead. He was recently reported to be one of the world’s top ten authors in this area of research, with Nottingham being the leading institution worldwide in this area of research. He has published more than 200 peer review papers and his current H index is 103.

Richard’s current research projects relate to the aetiology and natural history of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and access to care and clinical outcomes for people with lung cancer, but Richard is also interested in the epidemiology of allergic disease and provision of care for all people with lung disease. Richard supervises PhD students and 23 of his students have been awarded PhDs.

Richard undertakes clinical work and his main areas of expertise are the care of people with interstitial lung disease and the short and long term respiratory complications of bone marrow transplantation.
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