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Cross-sectional Observational Research 

We can carry out observational studies, analysing data from a population at a single point in time.

Our Research 

Analysis of comorbidities and multimorbidity in adult patients in the ISAR (PRISM)

This study provides a cross-sectional analysis of comorbidity prevalence among adults with severe asthma, exploring the global prevalence, distribution, and coexistence of comorbidities, as well as their association with clinical and asthma-related outcomes.

Characteristics of type 2 asthma phenotypes and OCS dependence in ISAR (STAR)

This historical cohort study characterises the phenotype and endotype of patients with severe asthma before initiating biologics, focusing on the intensity/frequency of oral corticosteroid (OCS) use, offering a cross-sectional insight into severe asthma characteristics and treatment dependency.

If you are interested in conducting Cross-sectional Observational Research, please get in touch.

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